Regenerated Yarn
Product description
  • Regenere, or other words, recycled staple fiber production, in short, textile and ready-to-wear garbage is collected, broken up and re-stitched, and these obtained fibers are re-threaded and recycled.

    In order to provide a more comfortable operation during the process, the polyester yarn, acrylic yarn and viscose yarn are blended into the finished yarn, and the fiber yarn is very short in the yarn step after the fabric residue becomes the fiber, and the yarn is made into yarn by the Open End bending technique. Spinning machines must also be modified in accordance with the regeneration.

    Regenerated yarns can be used as an alternative to yarns made from original fibers, such as upholstery fabrics, carpets, rugs, velvet, round knitting, tricot, socks, cleaning products, blankets etc. are used for cost-reducing purposes.

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