Melange Yarn
Product description
  • What is Melange (Melange) Yarn; yarns which are obtained by mixing in specified proportion of the fibers in different colors. This can be done by different methods. The blend can be mixed in the blow room apartment vigur is stirred printed worsted performing dubbing of the tops or tape. Suitable dyes are not accepted by the other fibers to form a fiber melange effect. The amount of dyed fiber to be used in production is determined by the desired color property of the yarn. generally have a wavy, color-changing appearance and are used for weaving and weaving.

    Melange fabrics reflect the properties of the raw material used. The required color ratios and tones in the fabric are provided by the yarn. It has a color-changing and wavy appearance. Mixed yarns are usually used.

    Fabrics made with melange yarns are increasingly used from time to time depending on the mode. However, the most accepted places of use are sweatshirts, t-shirts and sweat shirts. Besides these, wool melange products are used in men's and women's outerwear

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